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My Dog

5 Jan

This is my dog.

He is three years old.

Every once in a while, more often than not, he’ll go into protection barking mode.  You know, the kind that alarms you.  The kind that makes you think, “Goodness, there might be a suspicious masked character outside my home.”  The kind that may indicate the mailman, but still, you’re gut tells you to go and check, for a call to the police might be in order.

This is what I mostly find when I look out my window.

That would be a teacup poodle.  The one in our neighborhood is about 5 years old and about 4 pounds all together.  Apparently, she looks threatening to Buddy.

Then, throughout the day, an elderly woman will circle the block.  She is often pulling around one of these…

Obviously startling and dangerous!

And then he barks at the complete opposite.

We have a woman who carts around two of these big guys daily.

I sure am fortunate to have Buddy around to protect me.


And Away They Go…

10 Sep

(said just like the man announcing the horse races that my grandpa used to watch)  😉


The only time in their lifetimes they will all be at the same school together.

This one to kindergarten…


This one to 3rd grade…


And this one to 5th grade…


And this is what I’m left with…

IMG_2872 IMG_2874

We’re bound to have some good stories to tell.  🙂

Silly Boy

6 Mar

Look where my silly little boy crawled to…



Buddy was such a good boy to share!

Ruff Ruff

10 Feb

Judah has really started noticing the dog.  It’s very cute.  Always reaching his head to be able to see where Buddy is at, what he’s doing, where he’s running to.  He likes to grunt twice as if saying, “Ruff ruff” anytime the dog comes around.  But having the dog and a baby around is new to our family.  It comes with some bonuses…


Buddy is superb at cleaning up after Judah.  And I can only imagine it will get better as his food becomes more substantial and Judah becomes more ornery.  🙂

But then this morning, there was this….


Yes, my dear sweet little boy had this nasty bone in his mouth.  BLECH BLECH and DOUBLE BLECH!!!  This means two things.  1.  Judah is mobile.  This bone was not near him when I set him down on the carpet.  2.  I need to put up gates so that the dog food does not become the next target.  GROSS!

But really, who can resist this face?


1 year old

21 Nov

Not Judah, just yet.  Although it seems like the time is speeding by.

Nope, my little Buddy is one year old today.  No big parties or hooplahs.  He’s actually getting ready to head over to the groomers for his “spa treatment”.  He’ll hate every minute of it!

He’s been such a good puppy with the addition of Judah.  He still has a hard time determining which toys are his versus Judah’s, but we’ll get there I’m sure!



1 Jul

So, there are a couple of clowns who live here with me, and here are some of their funnies…

Doesn’t Miss E look like Mr. Tumnus?  Those are shoes for a Cabbage Patch Kid!  TOO FUNNY!


23 Jun

Trying to capture all of the details of this baby boy. I already know from the previous three how fast this time goes. He’s still wearing tiny newborn diapers and swimming in most of his newborn clothes – thank goodness. However, Esther has already announced that he looks chubbier. He’ll be roly poly in no time. So humor me as I share some details…

He smells so good – especially his head.

Even with baby acne, he’s too cute.

His feet are silky soft and will never be this small again!

I even love his teeny armpits. (Those will be hard to love in about 13 years.)

– And as a random addition, Buddy’s new haircut pictures. We had to pay an additional handling fee upon pick-up because he was a bit much to handle (first time and all). hehe