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9 Sep

It’s my husband’s birthday.

The last in his 30s.

That means he’s 39 for those are aren’t quick with math.

I fattened him up today, for his birthday.

He knew that ahead of time, so on his very own birthday, unforced, he set his alarm and headed to the gym.



Let it be known that on my birthday, I would prefer to sleep in til noon if possible.

Oh wait, my birthday is on a Sunday this year.

That’s the Lord’s day.

Guess I won’t be sleeping in.

Anywho – breakfast consisted of something lovely by the Pioneer Woman.

Monkey Muffins, and they were delish!

Oh wait, that’s Rachael Ray.


But they were.

He was on his own for lunch, but dinner was a yummy Jenny Markmiller recipe of marinated flank steak with some mashed potatoes (the box kind ), and asparagus.

But dessert…

might just put us over the edge.

As I’ve baked it throughout the day, the licks and tastes have been spectacular.  Can’t wait to taste it all together.

Snickerdoodle cake with brown sugar cinnamon buttercream frosting!


I’ll be suffering from a sugar coma tomorrow.

I’ll get back to you…

Spinach Soup

21 Apr

Yep, you read that correctly.  My family LOVES spinach.  The kids eat it.  That makes me feel like I’m doing a good job as a momma, not that I have anything to do on their preference of vegetables.  Wouldn’t that be a luxury?  Our friend, “Broadway Bob” sent me an email with soup recipes in it.  I saw this picture of bright green soup sitting in a very white bowl and thought, eeeewwww.  But when I read it was spinach soup I immediately decided it would be part of my St. Patrick’s Day menu.  Then life happened, and although it was slated in my menu plan, it never came to pass.  So it was slated on another week of my menu planning, and we ate it on Tuesday.  Yummmmm!  (and very easy)  

Menu Plan Monday

7 Feb

Monday – London Broil and Buttered Turnip Puree (yeah, we’ll see how this goes over)

Tuesday – Pasta Sauce Chicken and Pasta Salad

Wednesday – Bradbury Burritos

we were supposed to have these last Wednesday but ate at church instead

Thursday – Broccoli Onion Linguine

Friday – Friend’s Birthday Dinner – PIZZA

Saturday – Mexican Black Bean Salad and Trader Joe’s Tacos

Menu Plan Monday

31 Jan

Monday – Bow tie Pasta with Broccoli and Potato (that we ended up not having last week)

(click on the photo for the recipe)

Tuesday – Chicken Bruschetta

Wednesday – Bradbury Burritos

Thursday – Spaghetti Squash with Sausage

(click on the photo for the recipe)

Friday – Homemade Pizza

Saturday – Teriyaki Chicken

Menu Plan Monday

24 Jan

Okay.  Because Jenny did.  🙂  However, I don’t go all into the breakfast and lunch part.  We’re lucky to get a hot meal on the table.  HA!

Monday – Butternut Squash Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Tuesday – Meat Pie

Wednesday – Crispy Lemonade Chicken and Asparagus


Friday – Bowtie pasta with Broccoli and Potato

Saturday – Mexican Black Bean Salad and Trader Joe’s Chicken Tacos

New Recipes

3 Jan

I sat looking at January on my calendar, and my eyes glazed over at the number 2011. Yeah, yeah, so I need to lose the poundage I’ve put on since summer. I suppose that gives me an automatic New Year’s resolution whether I want one or not. So, I grabbed the pile of Food Network magazines passed down from my mom, and started ear marking pages. Sure, they’re not all going to be fat free, but I did look for more ways to get vegetables on our plates, and different preparations for the everyday standard of chicken.

Tonight’s recipe came from a pamphlet I ran across called “50 Things to make with a Jar of Pasta Sauce”.   A basic and regular ‘ol cream of tomato soup.  Something I know my kids have liked in the past, and welcomed on a cold day like today.
Ingredients/Directions –
Saute’ chopped fresh herbs in butter (I used I Can’t Believe it’s not Butter), add 1 jar of pasta sauce, 2 cups water, 1/2 cup heavy cream and a pinch of nutmeg; simmer for 5 minutes.

It was easy to make, delicious, and is now gone.  I’d call that a success.  🙂

Birthday Bread

9 Sep

It’s my man’s birthday today.  9-9

He loves most all baked goods.  Especially if they include cinnamon.

Lately, he’s been talking highly of his momma’s cinnamon toast.

Coincedentally, Pioneer Woman also talked about cinnamon toast.

That’s what he had for Father’s Day.

But then, Pioneer Woman made this.

And then talked about combining it with this.

So, how can I show my man I love him for his birthday?

Make it!

Oh, wait.  I don’t have a fancy schmancy mixer.   Hey, neither did the “real” pioneer women.

So I used these.

(Yep, that’s what my hand prints look like.)

And I made this.

All by myself, like a big girl.

And I put this on it.

It may not look appetizing, but it’s butter.  Cinnamon-sugar butter.

And he smiled.

And was happy.

A good start to a happy birthday.

I love you, Mr. Cash.