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Ten Years Ago…

24 Nov


It wasn’t Thanksgiving day.  It was actually 2 days after Thanksgiving.

I was supposed to go help my husband at our new home.  We were moving in furniture.  He called to ask if I would pick up some felt pads from Home Depot on my way over.  I told him I wasn’t going anywhere, because I was having contractions.

A few short hours later, a 9 lb 6 1/2oz baby girl with dark hair and super bright blue eyes was placed in my arms.

Just before we went into the operating room, we asked big sister Abigail if it was going to be a boy or a girl.  Abigail was right.  And then after Abigail left the room, Brandon thought it’d be fun to maybe choose a different name for the baby.  I’m so glad we didn’t, because Esther is as unique as her name.  Could you imagine my sweet little Esther with the name Grace?

And so today, Esther turns “double digits”.  Ten years old.

I’m extra thankful today.  🙂





9 Sep

It’s my husband’s birthday.

The last in his 30s.

That means he’s 39 for those are aren’t quick with math.

I fattened him up today, for his birthday.

He knew that ahead of time, so on his very own birthday, unforced, he set his alarm and headed to the gym.



Let it be known that on my birthday, I would prefer to sleep in til noon if possible.

Oh wait, my birthday is on a Sunday this year.

That’s the Lord’s day.

Guess I won’t be sleeping in.

Anywho – breakfast consisted of something lovely by the Pioneer Woman.

Monkey Muffins, and they were delish!

Oh wait, that’s Rachael Ray.


But they were.

He was on his own for lunch, but dinner was a yummy Jenny Markmiller recipe of marinated flank steak with some mashed potatoes (the box kind ), and asparagus.

But dessert…

might just put us over the edge.

As I’ve baked it throughout the day, the licks and tastes have been spectacular.  Can’t wait to taste it all together.

Snickerdoodle cake with brown sugar cinnamon buttercream frosting!


I’ll be suffering from a sugar coma tomorrow.

I’ll get back to you…


26 Aug

That’s how old my girl just turned.

12 years ago I had my first baby.

We were still in the 90s.

Sounds like a long time ago.

It kinda was.

We celebrated with a tea party.  It was the first year we didn’t have a swim party.  It was also the first year no cousins were in attendance.  Everyone has since moved away, and so we surrounded ourselves with grandparents and friends.

Abigail looked over at one of my favorite websites, tipjunkie.com and found the party she wanted to put on.  Her and I had an afternoon of rummaging through the local thrift stores for tea cups and saucers to give as party favors.  She set the whole table and made the flower arrangements.  Impressive if I do say so myself.   Everyone had a fun time.  Lots of laughing and giggles throughout the whole night.  They played dress-up and we took fun pictures.  After tea-time we played a “tween” game of MEMORY.  I hid pairs of candy under neath tea cups, and when they found a pair, they “won” the candy.

I made a realization as we were prepping… we swapped balloons for flowers.  It kind of made me sad, but I still have a 3 year old.  We’ll be doing balloons for some time.  🙂

Here are pictures from our tea party.

Abigail’s BD Party


7 Jun

…at least it hasn’t been a full month since my last post.

Simply trying to adapt to schedule additions, changes, and the busyness that comes with four busy kiddos.

School is almost out, and I’m working on pictures from Judah’s birthday weekend.

Be back shortly.


It’s that time again…

17 Sep

Birthday time.

Time to celebrate my sister’s birthday.

She’s a whole year older today.

Time to celebrate my surprise arrival to my parents today.

I’m also a whole year older today.  (If you haven’t heard the story yet, do tell.  I can share.  I’m certain the four readers I have are familiar with it.)

Time to “celebrate” my blog’s existence.  Today is my blog’s birthday too.  It’s a whole  four years that I’ve had this thing.  I actually like to go back through my archives and see what my life was like 4 years ago.  Kinda neat. (Thanks, Ben.)

So, one big fat HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to all of those babies born out of the love of the holidays. 😉 September is a good month.

Birthday Bread

9 Sep

It’s my man’s birthday today.  9-9

He loves most all baked goods.  Especially if they include cinnamon.

Lately, he’s been talking highly of his momma’s cinnamon toast.

Coincedentally, Pioneer Woman also talked about cinnamon toast.

That’s what he had for Father’s Day.

But then, Pioneer Woman made this.

And then talked about combining it with this.

So, how can I show my man I love him for his birthday?

Make it!

Oh, wait.  I don’t have a fancy schmancy mixer.   Hey, neither did the “real” pioneer women.

So I used these.

(Yep, that’s what my hand prints look like.)

And I made this.

All by myself, like a big girl.

And I put this on it.

It may not look appetizing, but it’s butter.  Cinnamon-sugar butter.

And he smiled.

And was happy.

A good start to a happy birthday.

I love you, Mr. Cash.


17 Aug

My first baby turns 11 years old today.

Oh how the time has flown by.  Yet, every once in awhile when I look hard at her, I can still see her little 2 year old cherub chubby cheeks smiling back at me.  SIGH

Here is the “dedication page” we submitted for her last year book at the elementary school.

Happy Birthday, Abigail Loraine!