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Ten Years Ago…

24 Nov


It wasn’t Thanksgiving day.  It was actually 2 days after Thanksgiving.

I was supposed to go help my husband at our new home.  We were moving in furniture.  He called to ask if I would pick up some felt pads from Home Depot on my way over.  I told him I wasn’t going anywhere, because I was having contractions.

A few short hours later, a 9 lb 6 1/2oz baby girl with dark hair and super bright blue eyes was placed in my arms.

Just before we went into the operating room, we asked big sister Abigail if it was going to be a boy or a girl.  Abigail was right.  And then after Abigail left the room, Brandon thought it’d be fun to maybe choose a different name for the baby.  I’m so glad we didn’t, because Esther is as unique as her name.  Could you imagine my sweet little Esther with the name Grace?

And so today, Esther turns “double digits”.  Ten years old.

I’m extra thankful today.  🙂





25 May

Can a momma be too proud?

Miss Sarah got glasses on Friday.  She’s adjusting so well to them, having to wear them at all times.  I am so proud of this six year old.  She’s grown up right before my eyes in just the last few days.  Sniffle sniffle.

Then there are the older sisters…

They all performed at the school’s talent show last night.  It was held in a “real” theater.  It was an awfully big stage for one person or one voice.  They amaze me sometimes.  My girls are just super great!  Just sayin’.


19 Dec

We have been so blessed to find such a wonderful piano teacher for the girls.  We’ve had family and friends try and teach them, but I think they really needed someone they were unfamiliar with to actually get serious about it.  We love our piano teacher, and after only a short couple of months, they performed in their first piano recital last night.

Here are their performances…

Reptile Party

15 Dec

You read it right. My second born wanted a reptile party for her birthday.  Who is this child?  She has had a love for all animals since she was very young, but snakes?  Of course, she would’ve loved for us to “rent” the lizard wizard to come to her party, just as much as we would’ve loved to afford it for her, however that was not the case.  So, I thought of a sweet girl at church whose family owns a snake and thought of “hiring” her for an hour to come share her snake with us.  Well, of course they were going to be out of town the weekend of her party, so guess what?  We snake-sat.  We had a snake in our home for a little over a week.  I think my kids took a few years off of poor little “Flames'” life.  🙂  I wasn’t all that grossed out by it, suprisingly, and didn’t mind handling it at all.

So here are some pictures from Esther’s 8th birthday party.  The husband took photos during the snake share time so please forgive the blurriness.  I also did animal face-painting (to the best of my ability).  HAHA!  Enjoy!

Esther’s 8th Birthday 2009

Happy Birthday…

24 Nov

to my second born…

Lover of God.

Infatuated with her family.

Obsessed with animals.

Wears her heart on her sleeve.

Never afraid to tell you like it is.

Oh how I love my Esther Lu!



And Away They Go…

10 Sep

(said just like the man announcing the horse races that my grandpa used to watch)  😉


The only time in their lifetimes they will all be at the same school together.

This one to kindergarten…


This one to 3rd grade…


And this one to 5th grade…


And this is what I’m left with…

IMG_2872 IMG_2874

We’re bound to have some good stories to tell.  🙂

Needle in a haystack

14 Apr

Only Esther would find her missing tooth two days later in her bed!  I’ve been a bit tardy in posting this, but yes, two days after I thought she swallowed it away, she found it in her bed.  I even rubbed my hand back and forth, waiting to hear it drop to the floor, but never found it.  (This was on a Wednesday.)  FRIDAY morning she wakes up, chit chats a bit with sisters and dad, and then proclaims with excitement that she has found her tooth.  I went in later to ask her where she found it.

Do you see it?

Do you see it?

How about a little closer?

Even closer?

GEESH!  Go figure.  So now she proudly hangs on to it considering the tooth fairy already visited.  She tried to trick the tooth fairy by suggesting we place it under her pillow for more money, but I assured her the tooth fairy would know she was “cheating”.  😉