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The Lake

2 Aug

Our favorite time of the summer.  Driving out into the heat of the desert to enjoy friends, family, and the lake.

Here are some pictures from our time at Lake Mohave.  Of course I “took it easy” this year and mostly stayed on land or raft.  Hey, I’m entitled to some R&R by my own definition.  Some jumped off cliffs (including my 3 daughters), some were pulled behind a boat on a multitude of different items.  I, myself, stuck to my chair, a raft, and the sea doos/wave runners.  It was a blast having my sisters all together and getting time with my niece, Mallory, who I don’t get many days in a row with ever.  All in all and great week, beautiful weather, lots of laughs, and good family/friend time.

Lake Mohave 2011


9 May

This is my momma.

She’s in her element in this picture.

She is a mother of twins.

She is a mother of 3 girls.

She is a wife of almost 36 years.

She is a grandmother to 4 girls and 2 boys.

Boys are new to her, but she manages.  🙂

She’s a good momma.

Maybe an even better grammie, but then… that’s how it’s supposed to be now isn’t it.

I love her!

Happy Momma’s Day, Mom!

Happy Anniversary

17 Apr

Happy Anniversary to my very awesome in-laws.

See what you started?

We completely blame this on you.  😉

Happiness is…

24 Mar

Being an auntie!  🙂

Side note – currently working on pictures from our weekend of “You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown.”  🙂

What? More pictures?

16 Apr

It’s because the house is clean.  I have time to actually sit and fuss with pictures and blogs and such.  🙂

On April 4th, Brandon’s grandmother celebrated her 82nd birthday.  So we all got together to celebrate with her and threw in an early Easter egg hunt as well!

We had lots of fun with our family, and the girls made treats the night before to share.  We had seen a commercial for rice krispy treats where the mom and her daughters were joyfully dipping egg shaped treats into chocolate and sprinkles.  It was one of those projects where I just set them up and walked away.  I was sure to be more of a hinderance than an encourager, so I let them at it.  They turned out great, I thought, and the girls had lots of fun doing it.

Here are the pictures from that weekend.