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26 Aug

That’s how old my girl just turned.

12 years ago I had my first baby.

We were still in the 90s.

Sounds like a long time ago.

It kinda was.

We celebrated with a tea party.  It was the first year we didn’t have a swim party.  It was also the first year no cousins were in attendance.  Everyone has since moved away, and so we surrounded ourselves with grandparents and friends.

Abigail looked over at one of my favorite websites, tipjunkie.com and found the party she wanted to put on.  Her and I had an afternoon of rummaging through the local thrift stores for tea cups and saucers to give as party favors.  She set the whole table and made the flower arrangements.  Impressive if I do say so myself.   Everyone had a fun time.  Lots of laughing and giggles throughout the whole night.  They played dress-up and we took fun pictures.  After tea-time we played a “tween” game of MEMORY.  I hid pairs of candy under neath tea cups, and when they found a pair, they “won” the candy.

I made a realization as we were prepping… we swapped balloons for flowers.  It kind of made me sad, but I still have a 3 year old.  We’ll be doing balloons for some time.  🙂

Here are pictures from our tea party.

Abigail’s BD Party

The Lake

2 Aug

Our favorite time of the summer.  Driving out into the heat of the desert to enjoy friends, family, and the lake.

Here are some pictures from our time at Lake Mohave.  Of course I “took it easy” this year and mostly stayed on land or raft.  Hey, I’m entitled to some R&R by my own definition.  Some jumped off cliffs (including my 3 daughters), some were pulled behind a boat on a multitude of different items.  I, myself, stuck to my chair, a raft, and the sea doos/wave runners.  It was a blast having my sisters all together and getting time with my niece, Mallory, who I don’t get many days in a row with ever.  All in all and great week, beautiful weather, lots of laughs, and good family/friend time.

Lake Mohave 2011

Long Overdue

20 Jun

Long overdue!

Spring break pictures from Palm Springs.  Spent lots of time swimming, and our afternoons on the course.  The weather was beautiful that week.  Not too hot.  Even got a rainy day, and it was very windy on our last day, when we went to the movies to go see HOP.  All in all, plenty of R&R for us.  Just what we needed.  Actually thinking of how nice that would be right now.  First official week of summer break.  At this point I feel like I’m still busy.  Guess I need to get into summer vacation mode.  Swimming today helped with that.  A road trip to Arizona this weekend will help as well.

So, back to those overdue pictures.  I’ll slowly be getting caught up.  Particularly for you, Miss Gail.  😉  Love you! xo


Spring Break 2011



30 Mar

Looking forward to it.  It isn’t here yet, but almost.

We’ve had 2+ weeks of Seussical the Musical.  Two weekends of performances, but we’ve been rehearsing since January.  Amongst the performances, we had a party for my baby sister, who is days away from completing her schooling for becoming an ultrasound technician.  She’s been hard at work, and deserved some celebrating.  It was so good to see friends and family.  Needless to say, I’m (as usual) exhausted.  But what’s new.  So, I went to Target yesterday and bought new sunscreen as Judah dreamed of our spring break in Palm Springs next week.  🙂

Random observation – I’ve noticed that all of my favorite coffee mugs are Christmas themed.  I mean, let’s be honest.  I have the set of little cups that came with my mondo box of starter dinnerware you get when you get married, but that is seriously NOT a cup of coffee.  I need a mug.  So, I  don’t have a set of mugs, rather a collection of gifts and door prizes.  Which is fine by me.  My coffee is currently smiling at me from a mug that says “The Magic of Santa”, and Judah calls it my “Ho Ho” cup.

Ok, randomness complete for today.

So here are some pictures from our busy weekends.  Look for sunny Palm Springs photos soon.  🙂

My bird girl

Mayzie la Bird

My little Who and circus entertainer

Even Judah got into the mix this time as a jungle frog.

The citizens of Whoville

Stef’s Grad Party

Click on the photo to see more from the grad party.   P.S. Gail, my dad took more pics on his camera. I’ll make sure you get to see those too. 🙂 Love you and lookin’ out – xo


6 Dec

one, two, three?

Is this thing on?

I’m a slacer.  A slacer who has to start thining of other words that don’t contain the letter ” “, ’cause mine isn’t woring.


But that’s oay.  There are exciting times a comin’.  Starting with a surprise trip to Disneyland tomorrow for the ids.  We haven’t been since January, and when you’ve had passes, and let them expire for that length of time you will understand that we are well overdue.  Especially when there is a 2 1/2 year old in our midst.

Speaing of 2 1/2 year olds…  He’s officially 2 1/2 years old today.  Excuse me while I go wipe the tears from my eyes.

Alright, I’m bac.  I’ve also been neglecting my blog, because I’ve been obsessed with this one for the last two wees.  My bestie and her family were in China, retrieving their newest little girl, sweet Lauren Grace.  The highlight?  Getting to see and tal to them via webcam the very next day after Lauren was first in their arms for good.  It was simply the best.

What’s the next exciting thing a comin’ you might as?  (Did you just giggle?  Don’t laugh at my missing letters.)  In a crazy, weird, still inconceivable way, I’m accompanying three other friends, and we’re going to Ellen’s 12 Days of Giveaways Christmas Show.  The 12th day I might add.  Yeah.  Haven’t felt lie sharing simply because I didn’t want to seem as though I was bragging, but I’m simply beside myself with excitement and cannot eep it in any longer.  Teehee!

So, I now there are some who enjoy pics of the fam as well, so here is an update through pics.  We’ve had Esther’s 9th birthday and Thansgiving.  Enjoy.  Until I get a woring ” “….

November 2010


20 Nov

Annie was a success.  Sold out shows, the drama of sick stars, the stress of  an uncooperative dog actor…  All of it combined to make a terrific show.  Truly.  Here are some pictures from what I got with my camera before the darn battery decided to die.



15 Aug

What?  Pictures from Oklahoma?  I know, it’s hard to contain your excitement.  As soon as the girls were out of school on their last day, we were loading up a borrowed RV and trekking to Oklahoma to visit with the Markmiller’s.  We had a wonderful time with them and can’t wait to get back again.

Here are some pictures from our trip.

Oklahoma 2010