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Shopping Follies

9 Dec

I walk into a store where a young man is working lethargically while wearing a Santa hat.

Me: How much are these?

Him: They start around $13

Me: And what about these?

Him: I’m not sure. I think they’re two for something?

– I proceed to walk around the store for a minute and end up back at the counter –

Me: So, can you help me?

Him: Sure.

Me: You don’t know how much that is?

Him: No.

Me:  Do you work here?

Him: Yes.

Me:  Is anyone else here right now?

Him: No.

Me:  So how could you sell me something if you don’t know how much it costs?


ME:  Okay, thank you very much.  

 – I leave the store.-




9 Apr

This is the first post from my brand new computer.

So exciting!

I’m sitting on my couch right now.

That’s the real exciting part!

I’m still becoming aqcuainted with this new toy, but at 11pm on a Saturday night, I still wanted to sit and hear how my fingers sound as they hit these new purrty buttons.

Well, that, and I’m waiting tiredly for a load of laundry to dry.  Wait, scratch that.  That load is whites – which means socks.  We can wait for those tomorrow.

So, simply just checking in here.  And playing with my new toy.

Palm Springs was wonderful, as usual.

Sad the week is over.  There is a new week ahead.  My menu plan calendar is blank.  My cupboards, after being gone, are getting close to bare.  Sounds like  a new and busy week ahead.  But new is usually always good.  A clean fresh new start to something, right?

So, here’s to “new”. 🙂

(Oh, and it’s a MAC).  So, very new to me.  🙂


30 Mar

Looking forward to it.  It isn’t here yet, but almost.

We’ve had 2+ weeks of Seussical the Musical.  Two weekends of performances, but we’ve been rehearsing since January.  Amongst the performances, we had a party for my baby sister, who is days away from completing her schooling for becoming an ultrasound technician.  She’s been hard at work, and deserved some celebrating.  It was so good to see friends and family.  Needless to say, I’m (as usual) exhausted.  But what’s new.  So, I went to Target yesterday and bought new sunscreen as Judah dreamed of our spring break in Palm Springs next week.  🙂

Random observation – I’ve noticed that all of my favorite coffee mugs are Christmas themed.  I mean, let’s be honest.  I have the set of little cups that came with my mondo box of starter dinnerware you get when you get married, but that is seriously NOT a cup of coffee.  I need a mug.  So, I  don’t have a set of mugs, rather a collection of gifts and door prizes.  Which is fine by me.  My coffee is currently smiling at me from a mug that says “The Magic of Santa”, and Judah calls it my “Ho Ho” cup.

Ok, randomness complete for today.

So here are some pictures from our busy weekends.  Look for sunny Palm Springs photos soon.  🙂

My bird girl

Mayzie la Bird

My little Who and circus entertainer

Even Judah got into the mix this time as a jungle frog.

The citizens of Whoville

Stef’s Grad Party

Click on the photo to see more from the grad party.   P.S. Gail, my dad took more pics on his camera. I’ll make sure you get to see those too. 🙂 Love you and lookin’ out – xo

Things found in my purse

22 Dec

…while waiting at the doctor’s office.

– 2 packets of Kleenex
– napkins
– hand wipes
– medicine
– 2 hand lotions
– a craft project
– 2 sets of keys
– a broken candy cane
– tea bags
– a nail file
– a dog choke chain

Yeah, I’m puzzled by that last one too.

Random Information

16 Dec

* Yes, WD40 does take crayon off of your flat screen television in case you wondered.

* Ellen Degeneres has good editors.

* I’ve got hops.

* Look, my “K” is working right now.

* It might not by this afternoon. It’s moody.

* I’m moody too. ‘Tis the season.

* Aquatic mini frogs can survive outside of their habitat for a good handful of minutes.

* My Christmas tree has scoliosis.

* I’m not done Christmas shopping.

* Leaving now to get back to work. My 6 year old’s glasses are missing – this is now day 3. Time to sift through the leaves outside. Kinda like a needle in the haystack. Should be fun and invigorating.


17 Nov

What’s with the word exhausted?  The ‘hau’ in exhausted is kinda funny.  When I say the word, sometimes I picture the spelling and I think it makes the word more sophisticated.  Therefore, when I say the word in describing my own status I feel that much more entitled to be tired and exHAUsted.  Really.  I know you all just said it outloud to hear it.  🙂  Yes, I’m a diva, I know that too.

It really is not an understatement to use the word in my current state, and please forgive the rambling to follow.  The girls just did a production of Annie.  Abigail was sick during tech week.  The dog played Sandy and he had his moments.  I bought a sedative from the vet that never worked.  I probably have a new patch of gray in my hair.  My eye started twitching during the show and hasn’t stopped yet.  I hear it’s a combination of not enough sleep and too much caffine.  Sounds familiar.  My bestie is in China to get her new little girl, Lauren.  It makes me miss her more.  I’m trying to catch up on the neglect my home and laundry allowed during my craziness.  Hoping to catch up sometime today.  Then I can post some pictures from Annie.  Dryer just beeped at me – time to fold more clothes.

Until my exhaustion ceases…

SEP 7 2013

21 Oct

That was the date on the can of mexicorn I opened for a recipe last night.  I think I possibly did a triple take as my mind immediately thought about where my family would be on that date in the future.

– We’ll be 2 days away from celebrating my husband’s 41st birthday!

– We’ll probably be sending kids off to school that week.

– My baby boy, for one, will be starting kindergarten.

– My eldest will be starting high school.

– I will also have a 4th grader and a 7th grader.

– My hair will probably be very gray (underneath my color).

– We will have recently celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary.

I can hardly comprehend these numbers are I re-read through this very post.  My goodness.  The time is certainly flying by.  I can hardly believe the expiration dates I read on the yogurt or sour cream in my fridge, already into November and December.

2011, here we come.  YIKERS!